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Create2live exists for 2 things

  1. Inspire people from all walks of life to seek out the gifts they were given and use them in creative ways to help humanity flourish
  2. Feature people who are doing this in the varies avenues in which they find themselves.

We want everyone to own and get a vision for being creative with their lives. Join us as we seek to do this together!




Michael Allen & Daniel Mogg

Michael Allen

Michael Allen About

Michael lives Denver, CO and have serious problem with coffee, skiing, golfing, hiking.

Graduated from the Greatest University in the World (University of Kansas) and have spent the rest of his life (all 4 years of it) trying to figure out what to do with that piece of paper.

I live in Denver, CO and have serious problem with coffee, skiing, golfing, hiking. I have a love hate relationships with excel and want desperately to punch whomever came up with the 8-5 work schedule. I also have desperate need to want to talk about everything deep and theological hence why I write blog posts :).

Gifts I love to use: Photography, Creative Writing, Creative thinking, One on One Conversing, Music, GGL (general good looks).

Daniel Mogg

Daniel Mogg About

Daniel lives in New York city and loves finding new places to photograph…and eat.

After living in Florida my whole life, I knew a change was needed.  New York City was the best fit and I love it. We’ll see what happens after I experience my first winter.

Telling stories is my favorite thing to do whether through a video, photograph or Instagram post. Stories are what speak to the mind and move the heart.

When I’m not eating, drinking and sleeping football, traveling to new places  is on the top of my list.

Gifts I love to use: Video, Photography, Instagram, Comedy, Music and Deep Conversations.