Photography has become a huge passion the past few years. It’s such an enthralling high to capture a killer frame or find a new location to shoot. A passion I used to chase like this was the game of baseball. The countless hours of training, throwing, aches and pain for me was chasing that one moment. The crack of the back. The pureness, the sweetness is unlike any other feeling. My first friend on my college baseball team was Garrett Cox. We spent countless hours on the field practicing and playing. When both of our playing careers ended we both dove into photography and we’ve been able to chase another passion together. Garrett recently was in New York City and we were on a quest to find the World Trade Center Oculus, the $4 billion dollar station that opened on March 4th.

We stopped at a couple other places around town first before heading down to the World Trade Center.

We snuck up a building to take this shot of the FlatIron Building

We snuck up a building to take this shot of the FlatIron Building



We arrived at Fulton Center which is another phenomenal photo stop, to snap a few more. The top of building is so futuristic that Garrett and I decided to play around with our shots. There were a lot of people coming in and out so we had to be patient trying to make it look desolate.

20160426-NYC8 20160426-NYC1

20160426-NYC2 1604_OCCULUS_005

Once we wrapped it was time to head street side and find the World Trade Center Oculus. This is the building it’s housed in, but we couldn’t quite figure out how to get below because of all the construction.

The top side of World Trade Center Oculus

The top side of World Trade Center Oculus

After asking a few people we found the entrance on Chambers St. right next to a Burger King. From there we headed downstairs to left and then right and were lead to this beautiful space.

20160426-NYC13 20160426-NYC4

Just breathtaking. There was much desolation and destruction that occurred here but this provided so much hope and beauty. Promising a new future and resolve. If you’re coming to New York City to visit the Freedom tower and memorial, I’d highly recommend going underneath and viewing the magnificent World Trade Center Oculus.

world trade center oculus

Photo by Garrett Cox. Stay tuned as Garrett will be giving updates on how to grow your Instagram following.

Seasons of life and passions change but it’s amazing to see the paths interwoven between Garrett and I. Stay tuned as Garrett has built a large Instagram following and he will be giving tips on how to build yours.

Work has been hectic and I haven’t been able to shoot as much but it’s amazing after flexing your creative muscles how rejuvenated you feel. So get out and shoot! Is there a new passion or hobby you’ve been wanting to pursue but haven’t? What’s holding you back? Start exploring your new creative outlet today.

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Written by Daniel Mogg