Nobody tells beginners…

The first time I saw this video, it all finally clicked. As I began my career into digital media this was the inspiration I was looking for. I knew what I wanted to make, how it should look but I continually felt disappointed. This all began to change this past year as I started working for Sunday Night Football. Tight deadlines week in and week out had me constantly churning out projects. It wasn’t until repetition after repetition, that the vision of my projects became reality. Being creative finally felt a part of me.

So maybe you’re in this place. What you’re creating is ambitious but isn’t satisfying. Fight through it! Keep being creative. Even if the end result isn’t what you want, the more you create ,the closer it will start to align. “You’re taste is killer.” Remember that.

Question: What can you do so that each week you can create a new project? Are there goals you can set so your skills match ambitions? 

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Written by Daniel Mogg