the ripple effect

The Ripple Effect

Throwing rocks into the water when you’re a young kid was just the best. The bigger the splash the more power you felt. With that splash came ripples that started at the center of the splash. I’ve been pondering about the “ripple effect” lately. A few weeks ago there was a fire on the train tracks that severely altered my commute for 2 days. Once you become accustomed to a certain routine when something like this happens it feels like your world is crashing down (okay that might a little dramatic). But I was sitting back and pondering ( I had plenty of time) of what was happening, and was astounded at the ripple effect of one action. There hasn’t been a clear explanation of how the fire started but it was astounding how one event affected SO many people. The MTA had to solve the issue, the NYFD had to douse the fire, everyone had to scramble and find a way home. Who knows what plans, decisions were altered because one course of action.

Maybe one decision, one person taking action could have prevented the entire situation from happening.

It got me thinking, of all the decisions and actions we take do we ever consider the ripple effect it has on those around us? Rarely does this ever cross my mind when making a decision. I was recently caught in a situation where one person’s action affected not only himself but 5 other people without their knowledge. The giant splash rippled through all of us with serious effect.

This ripple effect can also be a tremendous thing. Deciding to speak up or encourage someone could alter their view on themselves or next decision.

Creating a piece of art or blog post can change someone’s perspective in an instant.

So my proposition is that as we are creating and making decisions. that we consider the ripple effect our actions will have on those around us. I’m ultimately pointing the finger at myself but would love as a Create2Live community to work on this together.

Have you been making decisions lately that are extremely affecting others? Do you ever even consider this? Have you been on the good or bad side of the ripple effect? Share in the comments below!

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Written by Daniel Mogg