Did you play with your parents video camera when you were a kid? The process was so magical. Self made special effects, making edits as you’re shooting, the product may not have looked the best but it was a highly creative process.

Snapchat Movie

It’s amazing how far the technology has come and what you can shoot on an iPhone now. The Tribeca film festival and Snapchat recently partnered and held a Snapchat short film competition. After reading the rules it reminded me of making home movies again. All the edits had to be made in Snapchat and you had 24 hours to complete before your story disappeared. Everything had to be shot linearly (in order) which is not always the case for movies. After hearing about this competition it was a challenge to take on. It’s easy to say “oh that’s a cool idea” but never do anything about it. Regardless if we were a finalist or not it was a project that had to be done.

There were two opportunities that gave me a head start. Living in New York City automatically ups your production value and I had a flight to Los Angeles within the 24 hour window so I wanted to capitalize on that. When I was a kid we used to film movies and make each “teleport”. Where you have your actors in frame with the camera still. Record your scene, pause, cut and the actors add in or move out from frame. So after collaborating with the team we decided that our character should be on quest to find a Snapchat filter that can make you “teleport”. Watch and see what we came up with.

We didn’t win (How is that possible?!) but I’m super proud of the final result. Everyone in this movie I had met in different stages of life: high school, college and various work projects. It was so cool how it all came together. When I got to LA I had about two hours until the 24 hours closed. My bags came late and we were speeding to Randy’s doughnuts. We couldn’t have any copyrighted items in the film so the doughnut emoji was clutch. We also talked about the weather a lot so I wanted to get to the beach. Manhattan to Manhattan Beach was a last minute add in. By the time we finished I literally had a minute or so to save to my camera roll. It will be exciting to see how mediums evolve and what stories can be told. At the end of the day the story is what matters. Cameras, gear are all accessories but what you have to say as a storyteller is what moves the mind and the heart.

Have you explored a new medium to tell stories? What has your experience been. Let us know in your comments below.

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Written by Daniel Mogg