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The Rock is one of the most inspiring, interesting and genuine people to follow on social media. He can post with excellent humor and knows when to pull the heart-strings. The Rock has his hands in some many different avenues: TV shows, movies and his project an app. The Rock Clock. When the Rock posted about his newest alarm clock app I was immediately intrigued. The past few years I’ve seen tremendous benefits from transitioning from a night owl into a morning person. Your email and texts usually aren’t buzzing at 5am, you can get your exercise in and begin to plan your day. (to read more check out this article) Now just because I want to be a morning person does not mean my body always responds. The snooze monster is ever present and it’s a challenge to squash him every morning. The Rock Clock is the newest weapon of choice to fight the snooze monster.

The Rock Clock

Once you download from the app store, you launch it and set your goal. Here’s a list of a few examples.

the rock clock IMG_2370

From there you set the time you’d like to wake up. If you’re up for the challenge you can set it to “Rock Time” which is usually the likes of 4:45am.

the rock clock

the rock clock

Then you set your music, you can have the Rock sing Good Morning Sunshine. Personally, I went with the BAMF music because it sounds like I’m waking up to an action movie. After you turn off your alarm a video will prompt directly from the Rock. The latest one I had was the Rock was getting ready to shoot night scenes for the new Baywatch movie, he’s yelling and screaming to get out of bed as he’s about to be on the grind through the night. I don’t think my feet have ever hit the floor so fast.

the rock clock

When someone as big as the Rock is as hungry and motivated to go after his dreams how much more should we chase after ours? We must be faithful with what we’ve been entrusted in the moment and be ready to fight like hell when the right opportunities present themselves. We can just “turn it on” when you “make it” but consistently practicing honing our crafts, hobbies and passions and when the time is right, we strike. I’ve been struggling a lot with this lately and it’s a constant reminder to keep the big picture focus and be ready to “rock” when your number is called.

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Written by Daniel Mogg