“Create2Live exists to inspire a community of people to be creative in and with their lives. Our aim is to empower people to reconnect with their individual gifts and push them to take a risk away from their comfortable complacency.

“Through this blog we hope to grow a community of people that share their unique gifts with each other.”

The goal is to move people to Create2live with their lives, no matter their profession. To give life to others in all that we do. Being creative is not just limited to arts but all fields. The content of Create2Live will consist of inspirational stories, tutorials and insightful information that helps people share their gifts with the world.

This is an open sourced blog. Michael and I are running it but we WANT you to contribute. We’d love to share your story on how you’re creating to live and inspire others.

We desire for Create2Live to be a place that showcases people living their dreams. A community people can lean on for inspiration, support and questions. If you’re passionate about a certain topic we’d love to have you guest post.

Big thanks to Tim Bohlke, David Miles and all everyone at Rhythm in Twenty. To read more from Tim visit: http://timbohlke.com/

Monday Motivation: How can you be creative with your life? What can you do to inspire others around you?

Stay tuned as more content will begin getting created. If you’d like to contribute to Create2Live please visit our contact page. We’d love to hear from you. Follow Create2Live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Go and inspire creative lives today.

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Written by Daniel Mogg